Maintenance Technician

Martinsburg, WV
Posted 2 years ago

Maintenance Technician

First Shift Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)




Maintenance personnel, under the authority of the Manufacturing Engineer and or Maintenance Lead, will have their activities focused on installing, maintaining, and repairing machinery, equipment, physical structures, piping, and electrical systems within fiberglass manufacturing plant.

Duties and Responsibilities

Participates and takes an active role in preventative maintenance program. PM duties to include but not limited to: cleaning and lubricating shafts and bearings, cleaning radiators, oil/lubricant changes, belt changes, and filter changes.

Inspects and detects malfunctions in machinery and equipment using testing equipment and visual and audible indicators.

Troubleshoots, repairs, and rebuilds defective machines and equipment and installs new or repaired parts using hand and power tools.

Discusses machine operation variations with operators, supervisors, and other maintenance workers to diagnose problems and or repair machines.

Installs and maintains pipe and hose systems related to: gel coat, chop, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment. Inclusive, but not limited to, repairing and replacing: gauges, valves, pressure regulators, quick disconnects, and related equipment.

Installs and maintains compressed air and water piping and related equipment (e.g. quick disconnects and commodes).

Operates cutting torches and welding equipment to cut or join metal parts.

Repairs, maintains, and constructs physical structures related to the facility. Inclusive but not limited to: painting, woodwork, tile, sheetrock, and ceiling tiles.

Troubleshoot mechanical and electrical system individually or as part of a team.

Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

High School Diploma

Preferred Education/Licensing: Millwright Machine Repair, Electrician or related Journeyman License

Minimum relevant experience required:

3 – 5 years experience in a similar job

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Job CategoryFC-01

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