“Augmentation does a great job for us and is incredibly cost-effective.”

“As manager for (Major Food Corporation) in Alabama, I have utilized the services of Augmentation staffing numerous times over the past three years.  Augmentation has been a great asset in assisting me with filling shifts…”

“It is with honor and pleasure that I write this recommendation for Augmentation Inc.  Augmentation Inc. provided thousands of exceptionally qualified staffing…during a period of immediate and historically unprecedented catastrophic disaster activity.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to express the positive experiences that I have had working with Augmentation over the last few years.  I have over 20 years experience working with recruiters and it is rare to find one that truly understands our needs and expectations.”

“We have come to rely on Augmentation as a key team member and find comfort and peace of mind with the services it provides.”

“Regardless of the demands placed on Augmentation for experienced employees, training, safety, accurate billing, on time and correct payroll, process improvements, and ever changing service requirements, they have met or exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”